Why You Should Invest In Engineer Assisted Arc Flash Analysis

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Meeting safety regulations for reducing arc flash hazards should involve getting professionals involved that are familiar with positive and negative setups in the electrical grid. Engineer assisted arc flash analysis cuts through the unimportant aspects and can lead you right to the areas that are a problem.

Electrical Engineering Knowledge and Arc Flash Hazard

Not many people can help you determine the arc flash hazards that exist at your business better than an electrical engineer. They spend years studying everything about the power grid and how to handle electricity safely. You can have arc flash analysis completed that is highly-specific and provides real solutions to any existing problems.

Pinpoint Precise Problems

An electrical engineer will know how to pinpoint the exact areas of your building, equipment, or employee activity that present the potential for arc flash incidences. You can trust the results you get to be both accurate and timely. Your business can quickly move on to the solutions.

Better Educate Employees and Mark Hazard Areas

Any area of your building or equipment that poses a risk for arc flash incidences needs to be clearly marked. Employees can be better educated to know the protective gear needed and safety protocol for working around areas and with equipment that have high voltage electricity running through. It’s an investment in safety for you, your employees, and your business.

Discover Any Hidden Danger Spots

Being unfamiliar with the entire electrical layout of your business, or not knowing how the power reaches your equipment means there is the potential for hidden dangers. The engineer can fully inspect the electrical grid and determine if everything is safe and clearly designated as arc flash hazard zones.

Seriously reduces the chance of having an arc flash incident takes diligent inspection and making any recommended changes it will take to increase safety. Engineer assisted arc flash analysis is the best way to guarantee you have the right advice and knowledge at your disposal.

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