Keeping The Chimney Functional

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Before lighting your fireplace in the winter, there are a few reasons as to why you should clean it in the summer or fall. If you don’t have the tools to clean the chimney, then you could hire a chimney sweep Washington DC offers. Someone can come to your home to ensure that there is no debris inside and that the smoke can escape properly when a fire is going.

One of the reasons you want to ensure that your chimney is clean before you use it in the winter is to prevent fires. If there is anything like leaves or even a birds nest inside the chimney, then the embers could result in a fire inside the chimney. Once the fire begins, it can quickly spread to the rest of the room and the home. When you hire someone to inspect your fireplace and chimney, any problems can be addressed as soon as they are seen instead of waiting until you need to use the fireplace when it’s cold. Make sure you get an estimate of the repairs that are needed and whether you need to provide the materials or if the company will provide them before getting any work done.

When you don’t use your fireplace and chimney for a few months, it can develop an odd smell. This can be caused by water accumulating inside the chimney from rain or even snow that has melted in the winter. All of the ash and caked smoke can be removed by a chimney sweep while ensuring that there are no leaks that would result in water putting out a fire that has been lit. There are products that can be used to eliminate the smell in the fireplace and the chimney when you light the first few fires of the season.

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