How to Improve Any Home’s Security

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In today’s age, nobody can be certain of their security. The thought of intruders entering one’s home is unnerving, as homes should be safe places for families. The United States average for police response to 911 calls in 2013 was 11 minutes; 11 minutes intruders have to ransack, burglarize, or potentially harm family members.

As such, preventing criminals from unauthorized home entry is far more effective than responding to unwanted visitors or after the fact. Discussed below are several technologies and home improvements that help prevent unauthorized persons from entering homes and causing psychological or physical damage.

Security cameras

Very few people spend their time at home peering through blinds at all times, ensuring no potential intruders are near. Security cameras with in-home monitors can help home owners catch criminals in the act.

Certain cameras identify movement, setting off alarms installed in homes, on computers, or on smartphones. Security cameras also offer the benefit of reporting criminals to police, homeowner associations, and other authorities. Home owners can even check in on children, pets, or empty homes while they are not present at home.

Smart security systems

Smart security systems are technologically-friendly security options that connect to smartphones and computers, offering home owners remote control over their homes. Such systems utilize cameras, door and window sensors, and other technology to ensure home safety.

The main benefit of smart security is its connectivity to mobile phones. These systems utilize end-to-end encrypted mobile apps that allow users to perform various tasks remotely. Home owners can lock doors or windows and peer through cameras at home. Just having security cameras may not offer this unique capability that smart systems offer.

Panic rooms

Panic rooms are strong, sturdy rooms used for protection from tornadoes, inclement weather, and intruders. These effective barriers between its occupants and intruders are usually constructed of concrete reinforced with rebar, if not even sturdier materials. They also may contain secure communication systems to contact 911 or other authorities in the event of other communication options not working.

Finding a company to manufacture a saferoom for your home is the best bet to obtaining a quality panic room. Shop around to find which manufacturers best meet your home’s needs.

Emergency landline phones

Mobile phone jammers are instruments that effectively block cell phone communication by blocking signals received from phone towers. These devices are most often used in school, government agencies, or other non-criminal activities. However, criminals are aware of these technologies, preventing home owners and other people in homes from calling emergency services.

While landline phones are outdated and infrequently used in today’s age, they are immune to mobile phone jammers. Home owners should consider purchasing one or more emergency landline phones to contact emergency services in the event of criminals using signal jammers.

Every family hopes that they will never deal with invasive criminals intruding their seemingly-safe home’s boundaries. However, nothing can stop potential break-ins. Only by taking preventative measures to safeguard your home is effective in dealing with unwanted potential intruders.

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