Get Ready for Spring with These February Gardening Tips

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February is a great time for doing things in the garden. The winter is a distant memory, temperatures are rising and there’s lots if things you can do that will make the spring a little less frantic. When the weather is wet and windy, let’s face it there are going to be plenty of those days in the UK, drag out your favourite seed catalogues and order your summer-flowering bulbs and seeds.

On the clear days you can do some of the following:

Clean Your Greenhouse. Before spring arrives, and you need to use it for all your seedlings and cuttings, give your greenhouse a clean. Clear out any plant debris and disinfect the surfaces. That includes the inside of the glass as this is where all those nasty pests and diseases hold up for the winter. Include your pots and seed trays as this will help to prevent diseases.

Remove Hibernating Pests. This job will save you a lot of trouble in the spring and summer. You’ll have to get up close and personal with your garden, but it will be worth it in the long run. Look for slugs in the crowns or your perennial plants and snails and aphid colonies sheltering from the worst of the weather. Look out for white vine weevils in your summer bedding pots and be sure you destroy any you find.

Install a Water Butt or Two. There’s bound to be some spring and summer showers coming up so be prepared to collect this seasonal rainfall. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment as well as giving yourself a good supply of healthy water.

Build a Compost Pile. You can buy one ready-made, but it’s most likely going to be made from plastic. A much eco-friendlier idea would be to make your own using spare bits of wood. It will be the perfect place for you to put the garden waste you’ve made while clearing up your garden. Also include grass clippings, paper and vegetable peelings for the best possible compost you can use in your garden.

A General Tidy-Up. Clear up your flowers beds and borders. Remove leaves and other debris and put it in your compost pile. Cut back any old growth. Get some of those niggly jobs out of the way such as fixing fences, gates and trellises. Tidy up your garden shed and while you’re there clean up and repair your tools.


Before you know it spring will be upon you. Just like Garden Club London, you’ll have plenty of other jobs to keep you busy.

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