Electricity from Bamboo Powering Nigerian Communities
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It has been proven that bamboo can generate electricity for remote communities in areas around the world. The technology is ready for use and it’s currently only practical for small scale power generation, but it is still promising and provides hope to many villages.

Global companies have pioneered the bamboo electricity generation technology as a step to power rural Nigerian farming communities. By generating power from bamboo, these companies can sell energy at a cheaper rate to the Nigerian people who would otherwise go without electricity because of increasing rates. They are working to establish dozens of sustainable power plants in Nigeria and train local residents to operate these plants providing a twofold boost to the local economy.

Bamboo Power is Off Grid and Affordable

Many power stations are based on non-renewable energy and connected in a grid system, which can be expensive when used to reach remote, sparsely populated areas. The use of bamboo shows independence in generating power, and relieves villages from using typical fossil-based fuels, such as coal, gas and oil. Powerplant construction projects are scheduled for early 2018 and Nigeria is the basis for this initiative because it is easy to grow bamboo in many areas of country.

Area Concerns

When it comes to developing electricity in Nigeria, two common issues hamper investors. Corruption is often identified as a source of problem and another is the characteristics of the local power system. Nigeria is attempting to create a national grid that reaches all remote areas of the country and smaller, bamboo powered systems oppose that.

Another Important Benefit of Bamboo

Bamboo can restore degraded areas due to deforestation or mining. The plant grows very quickly as it takes about four years to mature. It’s used in everything from bamboo flooring to clothing.  This rapid growth makes bamboo ideal for both power generation and restoration efforts. Bamboo grows well in tropical and sub-tropical areas, including all parts of Nigeria.

Depending on the condition of the land, an average acre of land can yield up to 40 tons of bamboo per year. In ideal, well-irrigated lands, even more bamboo can be produced per acre, per year.

Bioenergy is an effective way to meet global demands and electricity is generated with minimal carbon footprint. Proper forestry techniques will be needed to produce enough bamboo biomass in a sustainable manner to provide power to remote communities in Nigeria and around the world.

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Simple yet Beautiful Ways for Using Cozy Patio for Your Outdoors
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While we pay a lot of attention to the inner setup of our homes, space outside often gets neglected. However, there are various wonderful ideas where you can take cues from inside of your house and use cozy patio with instilled indoor accents. There are ways in which you could create an outdoor space that looks cozy yet lovely as any of the rooms within your house. It just takes clever ideas to take a cue from traditionally indoor accents. Some simple yet beautiful ways are:

Image Source – InhabitBlog

  1. Use a patterned outdoor rug: Anchoring the patio’s dining table with a patterned rug will not only make the place look a lot cozier but add a touch of formality to the entire space. It would eventually attract you or your guests to spend some quality time in bare feet outside your house.
  2. Add some pillows: Most of us would agree that most of the patio furniture is not the most comfortable options. It is especially true when you have the iron chairs and tables in that area. Hence, it would be a great idea to toss in some outdoor pillows. This will not only add cushions for a comfortable feel, but with colorful pillows, you can enhance the overall look of that area.
  3. Hang the Chandelier: If you have a covered porch, hang chandeliers over the dining table. It will look lovely and enhance the overall ambiance when lit up for your evening dinner.
  4. Plan the seating properly: Irrespective of the place, furniture should look comfortable enough to welcome the guests at your place. Ideas such as cushy couch for seating along with a café table will give you the perfect place for enjoying the morning coffee or having an afternoon nap with your family.
  5. Install a sideboard: Having a cabinet for stuffing you belongings and placing plants that add a touch of elegance to the area. The table can double as buffet tables for your family get together.
  6. Decorate with some candles: Candles can work wonders, and this leads to a perfect idea to place a candelabra that would lend a soft lighting with a bit of glamour for your evenings.
  7. Have a Side Table: The habit of reading and spending some time outside in the cozy patio becomes all the more attractive when you have colorful side tables. This eventually encourages you to carry your books or other essentials and sit outside for a considerable period of reading time.
  8. Place chairs in circles: While the design of the chairs you use matters a lot, placement of these can make a lot of difference. Organize the chairs in a circle with cushions for the cozy evening conversations that extend to the late nights with your friends or family.
  9. Place a coffee table: While we would certainly agree that placing too many tables in the patio could add inconvenience to the area, having a coffee table instead of the regular options could be a nice idea too.
3 Tips for Keeping Your Freezer in Prime Condition
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A good freezer represents a sizable investment, so it’s in your best interest to keep in it in working order for as long as possible. Fortunately, with proper care and maintenance, you can get decades of reliable service out of your freezer and a solid return on your investment. Although many people make it look difficult, keeping a freezer in prime condition is simply a matter of persistence. Anyone interested in keeping their freezer up and running for many years to come can benefit from the following pointers.

1. Regularly Check the Seal

In the quest to keep your freezer in tip-top shape, a tight seal can be an invaluable ally. With this in mind, make a point of testing your seal for tightness at least once a month. This entails thoroughly inspecting the rubber gasket for cracks and other signs of wear. Furthermore, take care to clean the gasket after every inspection, as this will prevent dirt and stickiness from building up. Without a tightly sealed door, your freezer can’t maintain a constant temperature without overexerting itself, so you should never allow seal maintenance to fall by the wayside.

2. Acquaint Yourself with a Good Repair Service

Whenever your freezer suffers an unexpected outage or shows signs of damage, you’d be wise to have the problem inspected ASAP. For this reason, it pays to become acquainted with a dependable repair service. Sunshine State residents on the hunt for Sub Zero refrigerator repair Key Largo are encouraged to get in touch with one of the company’s South Florida service centers.

3. Vacuum the Condenser Coils Annually

Dust accumulation can keep a freezer’s engine from performing at peak efficiency and dramatically reduce its lifespan. As such, it’s recommended that you unplug your freezer and thoroughly vacuum its condenser coils at least once a year. Since the exact mechanics involved with this task vary depending on a freezer’s maker and model, make sure to keep the owner’s manual close at hand.

If you’re not fond of wasting money, it’s in your best interest to stay on top of freezer maintenance. When given the appropriate amount of TLC, a good freezer can run efficiently for upwards of 20 years. In the interest of giving your freezer a long life, remember to regularly check the door seal, seek out a reliable repair service and give your condenser coils an annual vacuuming.…

A Buying Guide for Outdoor Furniture
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Outdoor furniture can greatly enhance any deck or patio. Just ask the pros at Wicker Paradise, who run an outdoor patio demo area where you can sit and try out new furniture sets for yourself. The trick is to find furniture that will best suit your style and needs.

Frame Construction

Aluminum is a rust resistant, lightweight material used in outdoor furniture. It comes in a variety of finishes that withstand the weather. A heavier option that won’t blow away is steel, with iron being the heaviest pieces of all. Wicker furniture can be used indoors or out, and it usually needs cushions for added comfort. A natural choice for furniture framework is wood, but it requires routine maintenance to keep it protected from the elements.

Furniture Sets

There are several different types of outdoor furniture sets available. Bistro sets are ideal for small spaces like balconies while larger areas can handle full dining sets. These are terrific if you often have friends over for outside meals. Tables come in varying sizes, and outdoor chair cushions make the seating extremely comfortable. Conversation sets can also be used to bring the comfort of your living room outdoors.


Accessories help make outdoor spaces look and feel more inviting. Patio furniture replacement cushions can be used to update these spots while adding a pop of color. Plants help to blend patios and deck areas with the rest of the garden, and tables are a great way to add style and function. Don’t forget to incorporate lighting features that are both attractive and useful.…

Myths About Wicker Furniture
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Wicker Paradise explores some of the myths about wicker furniture. This style of patio furniture has been around since for hundreds of years, and is built from some of the most resilient material on the planet.

When you are buying wicker furniture for a home, you might think that it is impossible to find outdoor replacement cushions. However, one of the best things about wicker furniture is how easy it is to find seat and back cushions that will fit properly on a couch or chair. Not only can you replace the accessories on your wicker furniture, but also, you can update a patio’s decor by simply buying new cushions rather than ordering new chairs and sofas.


The Cushions Tear

You might think that the reason that there are replacement cushions for patio furniture is because the items tear, leading to a huge yearly expense. The main reason that you can replace the cushions of your outdoor wicker furniture is because you want to have a new color or design of fabric. The material inside the seat and back cushions will seldom tear, but you may want to replace the items to have prettier fabric.

You Have to Buy the Same Brands of Cushions

High-quality wicker furniture cushions are made by many companies, and you do not need to keep buying the same brand. It is essential that you measure a sofa or chair in order to buy the correct size of cushion, but several manufacturers make multiple sizes of cushions. This means that you can buy used wicker furniture at a garage sale, and it is easy to find new cushions that will fit a couch or bench.…

How To Find The Value Of Donations For Tax Purposes
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The solar is setting on the seaside cabana we did this summer, we simply love the Nathan chair produced from teak and synthetic rattan. One of the best parts is that my cute puppies do not get harmed from the chemical combination of unnatural furnishings polish. I are likely to have issues with what coloration furniture to bring back that would match the partitions or vice versa. These directions may even teach you the best way to repaint wicker furniture in the even you do not need repairs but a change in décor.

But look into a number of the stores and you’ll find ladies nonetheless weaving silk in conventional looms. You will in all probability by no means be allowed to transport giant gadgets of furnishings like couches, loveseats, armchairs, tables, beds, dressers, or desks on the public transit system. Run by just a few thrift stores to seek out the proper piece that your cats will love— it is going to probably be cheaper than buying provides at the house enchancment store. Pretty a lot the one new furnishings I have is my lounge set and leisure center.

The Product contains wall cabinets , shoe rack units , youngsters and baby furniture , in addition to a variety of top of the range normal residence decor items. Once you refinish one piece of outdated furniture and learn the way worthwhile it was you can be hooked! Wooden furnishings is significantly favored as they easily accommodate into the natural environments, giving the craved coordinated look. While the undertaking of refinishing outdated furniture is comparatively simple, you have to a number of materials to get began. Put it on a drop material, and cover all the encompassing furnishings and materials with drop cloths or newspapers.

From furniture that you’re attempting to work with at residence, and have an thought beforehand as to the colour palette that you think you prefer. Using pretty paper to replace furniture and other decorative items can really assist give things a fresh new look. With today’s computer technology, paint shops can match virtually any color you’ll find.

I inquired as of who the piano may have belonged to, and the shop keeper, claimed he picked it up at a warehouse auction, and the piano didn’t come with any provenances. Browse by means of the nicely-illustrated furniture design catalog and you might be sure to find something to your style. These warranties will permit you to have the furnishings repaired or changed if broken by accident. There had been a lot of gadgets in a really excessive price bracket from high finish furniture retailers, however they have been merely past our capabilities.…

Decorating A Baby Nursery On A Budget~Frugal Tips And Ideas
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No matter which type of out of doors space you are dealing with, it is best to keep on with furniture and accessories that complement your interior design. One of my favorite shops would have to be Crate and Barrel, which has a very related style arrange with nice furnishings, furniture and other home décor. Once my final coat of paint was fully dry and chalky feeling, I made certain to remove any sanding particles from the furnishings. Anything material equivalent to pillows, bedding, towels, cloth covered furnishings – for same reasons as above.

I typically go outdoors before the break of dawn, light the heater and settle back in the tall chair, my ft perched on the railing of the desk. It’s received a very square profile which is softened with a few playful touches, such as the outsized, cupcake type ft and the dual rounded front corners. I’m so glad that you’re pondering of donating a few of your furnishings toward a great trigger.

In addition, all the merchandise at thrift shops was donated to them, so it does usually are usually lower quality items that persons are not apprehensive about getting their cash out of. If you might be in need of latest bed room furnishings we’ve lovely new bedroom units, mattresses, chests of drawers, and child cribs. Amazon India brings to you all kinds of furnishings from a lot of widespread brands comparable to Royal Oak, Durian, Forzza, At Home, Home Town and more.

Not all charities have pickup companies, so it is very important verify before committing your furnishings, however under is a guide to some of the major nonprofit organizations that not solely settle for furniture donations, however ar also prone to supply decide up services. This can be averted by keeping them upon special kinds of stands or fixtures of steel caps round legs of wooden furniture. You will find that furniture retailers that don’t offer fabric options on their upholstered furniture are much more likely to maintain inventory of the upholstery in their warehouses, as there’s much less guesswork as to materials covers to inventory.

You might also strive painting one piece, changing the hardware, and possibly even add a marble, granite, tile, or Mosaic high to rework a regular piece of furnishings into a fun, artsy, distinctive merchandise. Generally, you may be instructed to dip a smooth, clear cloth (cheesecloth is superb) in the cleaner, and to then wipe it over the surface of the furnishings. I will likely be honest here and say that ASCP gives glorious protection in most of the colors.…

Romantic Cottage Bedroom Decorating Ideas
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Close copies of industrial-styled furniture began appearing on a broad scale in the American market in mid 2011. Most islands are about 4 toes long and a couple of+ feet deep, however be sure to calculate additional room for people to work around it and walk by it. Save 3-four feet of empty space around the island and its chairs or stools. But because you’re simply renting the car, bear in mind that you will have to lift and move the furnishings yourself. These baby cribs have been selected by Squidoo dad and mom as the best deals on Amazon. Make positive that the route you take does not lead you thru steep mountains with 2 feet of snow or ice.

However, you’ll be able to still often get high quality furnishings for less than you would pay at an vintage retailer or second hand store. To weave back in. I’m unsure what kinds of shops would carry it but you may may test craft shops or simply purchase it online. This multipurpose furniture is anything that does double and even triple-duty work to simplify your life.

However, laminated chipboard salvaged from outdated furniture could make high quality shelving should you take the time and care to chop it neatly and pay attention to fixing and the ending touches resembling laminate stripping along any visible edges. You can enhance your wicker furnishings and make it extra comfy by adding cushions, throw pillows, throw blankets.

TKO stands for The Kensington Outlet (NOT technical knock out, like in Justin’s in style tune). This not solely saves costs, but additionally provides us a method to design our properties with furniture that is arduous to seek out within the common furniture stores. While you are at the flea market it’s possible you’ll wish to take a look at some of the new furniture on the market there.

It is feasible to buy furniture packages specifically geared toward landlords who let rooms in shared homes however it is just as easy to do it your self to fit in with your own particular budget. Whether you’re searching for furniture that is easy to assemble and port, or sturdy heavy wooden furniture for a conventional look. As for motel/lodge rental, in the event you plan out you’re route forward of time, you’ll be able to try to find offers online for various places alongside the best way. When new mother and father consider purchasing items for the nursery, the considered buying child furnishings sometimes causes a new dad or mum to panic.…

Living Room Furniture Store, Bedroom Furniture & Dining Furniture
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If you’re into arts and crafts, do-it-your self projects, or dwelling décor, you in all probability learn about chalk paint. No matter what sort of furnishings you are on the lookout for, you can be relaxation assured to find a suitable furniture on-line at India’s largest online store. Hire somebody with TaskRabbit TaskRabbit is a website that means that you can rent reasonably priced short-term help for a one-time job or job (like selecting up and delivering your furnishings). And space for the bedroom TV. The most important constructing material obtainable at the time was an odd assortment of laminated chipboard salvaged from varied bits of previous furnishings over the years and stored in my shed. I actually have a sense anything not offered goes back to their warehouse and might be introduced out again the next 12 months.

Our main showroom is housed in a fantastically restored outdated merchant’s home and converted olive oil warehouse in St Andrews Street, Limassol. Almost all of these shops that have a big inventory may have an enormous surplus of cardboard bins in the back that they can give you for no charge. I’ll share a few of my own favorite used furnishings redos on this lens and several extra used furnishings projects on my to-do list.

Use this key phrase for getting extra information about Hallmöble Barnrum Säng Soffbord Matbord Sängar on this hypertext. I appeared and appeared to see why these pieces by International Furniture would have the low costs tags they do – and couldn’t discover anything (other than some minor normal wear). You could need to hold this in mind if you’ll be Mod Podging furniture in the future.

Although there have been some kinds that belonged primarily to one nation, similar to Palladianism in Great Britain or Louis Quinze in French furniture , others, such as the Rococo and Neoclassicism had been perpetuated all through Western Europe. After your wicker furnishings is dry use a sharp pair of scissors to cut any loose or frayed items of wicker that may have come undone. In addition to Adirondack and log furniture, there’s some absolutely stunning willow twig furnishings that might give you the results you want.

In the furniture enterprise, there are certain protocols that the business and it is gross sales folks should comply with to be successful, and there are specific protocols that you simply, as a client, should comply with when working together with your salesperson. No matter what design or type you choose, there are 5 furniture items that ought to be included in your bed room house it doesn’t matter what. The house owners knew me from my very frequent visits, and very often, made me deals I could not refuse.…

Mountain View Furniture
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The air in your house is full of pollution, reminiscent of smoke from cigarettes, cigars, and pipes; grease from the kitchen; and mud. The one you choose relies on each your priorities, the nature of the dirt, and partly the furnishings itself. Thankfully, there are charities that may choose up furnishings donations so that you would not have to worry about shifting them. The chair pictured was purchased for just a few dollars at a neighborhood used furniture retailer. We are true to the American roots of hardworking furnishings woodworkers our nation has supported for a whole lot of years.

There are many sensible approaches to furniture shopping for that make your purchasing extra environment friendly, save you money, and remove numerous aggravation. What is fascinating to see in the next unique archive pictures is that regardless of the machinery and manufacturing strains the furniture was nonetheless very a lot handcrafted. Outdoor wooden furniture is mainly used for porch and garden preparations of seating.

A lot of time was spent on the web and in pet stores doing research on the varied dog strollers that have been in the marketplace. You may also earn money by making rounds in your native neighborhood to choose up furnishings that individuals are trashing. If you could have cash, and see many pieces of furnishings that you really want, make a suggestion on the whole lot.

Many furniture vendors have been mixing contemporary and trendy design to create a whole new and different look. You can often find someone prepared to deliver furnishings for you for $20 or less per journey. The greatest method to purchase free moving containers is to go to your local grocery or department shops akin to Wal-mart, Target, Best Buy, and so forth and ask the employees if there are any extra bins mendacity round that you would be able to have. I actually have observed that Victorian furniture will be had at cut price costs lately. Choose a natural wooden tone to match the furniture or keep on with white until later.…