Building Cold Storage with Southwest Vault Builders

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Southwest Vault Builders is a company that offers cold storage and refrigerated warehouse construction. They have many years of experience with these practice and are able to tackle projects of nearly any size. If you need cold storage, they have some of the highest quality facilities in the nation.

Cold storage

Southwest Vault is well known in the food and beverage industry for excellent cold storage. Products are frozen and dried before entering the vault. Using insulated wall panels and thermal doors, the facility is kept at a steady temperature for an extended period of time. Other companies offer comparable services, but their temperatures tend to fluctuate by a few degrees. Southwest Vault is the most reliable entity in the business. They also prioritize maintenance, as employees walk through the facility on an hourly basis. Because cold storage is directly related to the health industry, meeting all regulations is incredibly important. Southwest Vault has been validated by numerous organizations. At all inspections, their facilities consistently rank as some of the best in the country. In previous years, they were a recipient of the Dow Building Solutions award. This confirms their ability to adapt to various situations and ensure that clients are satisfied. Overall, Southwest Vault has phenomenal cold storage knowledge and implementations.


A successful facility is only possible with the finest cold storage warehouse contractors. The staff at Southwest Vault are trained to work with columns and floor plans and avoiding interfering with these objects. You will have minimal worries as these contractors assess the layout of your building. Once they are done, a professional crew will come in and install the cold storage area. During this process, you might have to limit your overall production. Nevertheless, the final product will be certified by other contractors as a terrific place for storage. If you have dual warehouses, Southwest Vault can work on them simultaneously. This eliminates the need for multiple visits that could slow down your schedule.

Refrigerated warehouse construction

If Southwest Vault’s facilities are not enough, you can request refrigerated warehouse construction. Their contractors understand the best ways to work around locations. Your building will be specially designed to combat the elements and withstand years of usage. It is important to note that the rectangular building is not a traditional warehouse. It is more akin to a distribution center with different areas for different goods. With this layout, you will be able to organize the items that pass through and make distinctions between clients. Again, the warehouse will be kept at a chilled temperature with the perfect air density. Fruits and vegetables can thrive in such an environment. Refrigerated warehouse construction complements traditional freezers very well.

Southwest Vault Builders has established themselves as one of the premier cold storage companies in the nation. They rise above and beyond the competition in terms of price and quality. Cold storage construction is a tricky process, but they have mastered this art and much more.

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