5 Renovations for Your Dream Bathroom

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Kitchensand bathrooms sell houses, but even if you aren’t putting your home on themarket, you can still add value and enjoyment to your space with a greatbathroom renovation. Say goodbye to a claustrophobic powder room or dated,cramped master bath. Choose one – or all five – of our favorite upgrades tomake your home feel like a luxe spa retreat.

1. Quality porcelain

While a top-of-the-line commode maynot be the sexiest thing to inspire your dream bathroom, choosing a betterquality of toilet, including a bidet, can make you feel cleaner and provide abetter… experience. Better quality porcelain also stands up against rough handling, like lids that slamup and down, as well as reduce the chances for messy leaks. Plus, quality canstand the test of time, keeping you from having to replace a sink or tub everyfew years.

2. Custom Shower Stall

A large, glass shower is a greatalternative to a smaller, curtained tub/shower combo. It’s a simple way toelevate the overall appearance of your bathroom. Custom stalls can use the sametile as the floors of your bathroom and can be designed with small ledges orseats to make grooming easier. The large glass makes the room feel brighter andlarger – plus, no more messy, mildewey shower curtains!

3. High Quality Tile

The smaller space in a bathroom –even the larger master baths – means that you can afford a higher quality floorcovering. Splurge on granite or quartz tile for a timeless feel or chose a bold pattern that ties theoverall aesthetic of the space together. Replacing old linoleum or cheaplaminate tile with high-quality stone is an instant way to elevate the look ofa bathroom, even if you don’t change anything else.

4. Lighting

A statement pendant light draws theeye and is an easy way to complete a look. A dangling light fixture over agarden tub makes a bathroom feel luxurious and expensive. Layered lighting,especially around the mirrors, is just as important. Instead of the brightbulbs that produce uncomfortable glare or create a dark environment, recessed,professionally installed lighting can brighten up even the smallest interior. Aprofessional designer can plan a lighting scheme that gives the best visibility– your make-up will thank you!

5. Soaker Tub

An oversized garden tub is aninstant upgrade. Instead of a cramped shower/tub combo, consider un-pairingthese two. Large garden tubs are a perfect way to unwind after a long day – orheat up a date night. Invest in fancy faucet hardware for an elegant look. Youcan complete the tub’s look with accessories like candles, a book holder, orsmall flowers in a vase. Options for a soaker tub include jacuzzi jets, which really make the bath experiencespecial. If you’ve chosen to have a small chandelier or statement pendant lightplaced over your tub, consider a dimmer switch reachable from the tub.

Renovating or updating the look of your bathrooms doesn’t have to cost a lot. Small, high-quality upgrades can bring up the overall impression of your home’s bathrooms and increase the value of your home. Your morning routine can become more enjoyable, taking a relaxing bath can become an immersive sensory experience, or inviting guests over and having a jewel box of a powder room for their use are all small ways that your bathroom remodel can work for you.

If you’re currently living in arental house where you do not have the ability to make your dream bathroom, youmay want to look into buying a house in the near future, so you can embrace the relaxation ofbathing your new dream bathroom.

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