July 2017

Five Great Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom
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Improving your bathroom is one of the best things you can do to boost your home’s value. Your bathroom is a place where you spend considerable time every single day, and that is why upgrading it to make it more comfortable is such a smart idea. The right renovations can completely transform your bathroom, turning it into a luxury oasis inside your home. Here are five smart renovations you can make to upgrade your bathroom.

1. Steam Shower

If you have never experienced the delights of a steam shower, you have been missing out. The steam opens your pores, making your skin blemish-free and giving it that healthy glow. A steam shower also uses much less water than a traditional shower, which is great if you are looking to go green in your home. Installing a steam shower improve your home’s value, and it saves you money on your water and energy bills.

2. Whirlpool Tub or Jacuzzi

For those who prefer baths to showers, installing an oversized soaking tub, whirlpool bath or Jacuzzi is a promising idea. There is no better way to make your bathroom a luxury oasis than to add a spa-quality bath to it. After you have spent hours basking in the delights of your huge tub, you will know you made the right move.

3. Heated Floor Tiles

Another wonderful way to create a more luxurious experience in your bathroom is to install a heated floor. Instead of jumping around on the freezing tiles during a chilly winter morning, you can walk in comfort as the heated tiles soothe your aches and make you feel wonderful. Anyone who dislikes the winter cold should add heated floors to the bathrooms in their home.

4. Modern Toilet

It is sad how little most people’s toilets have changed in their homes over the last century. Updated toilet technology exists, but people have been slow to embrace it. To upgrade your bathroom in an unexpected way, put in one of the new 21st century toilets with a heated seat and a bidet to save you from wasting trees by using messy toilet paper. As a bonus, many of the new high-tech toilets clean themselves.

5. Don’t Forget About the Walls

The walls are often an afterthought during bathroom renovations, and that’s a shame. Your walls should reflect the prominent level of excellence that you achieve in the rest of your bathroom renovation. Look for the right bathroom wall panels and cladding to echo the luxurious spa-like feeling that your bathroom oasis achieves with your other renovations.

There is nothing like a good bathroom remodel to breathe new life into your home. If you are ready to transform your home with a modern bathroom design, consider the five renovation ideas listed above. Don’t feel restricted by these ideas though. You need to make your bathroom your own. Incorporate your ideas to create the bathroom of your dreams, and you will appreciate it even more.…

Making your Studio Apartment or Tiny House Look More Spacious
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Living in any city of the United States, accommodation in a metropolitan area is a pain in the neck. From the budget constraints, locality and enough space to meet your housing needs, Studio apartments and small houses are often our best bet. They require minimum upkeep, are affordable, and easier to find. However, living in a studio apartment or a small house can get claustrophobic and cramped up due to the limited space it has on offer. To make sure these problems don’t happen, one needs to work the best way to manage space through renovation. Here are a few things that you need to do to make your place seem more spacious.

Cupboard Space:

While many houses come furnished, you don’t have to deal with the same furniture and can change it if you have the finances to do so. If you have set your mind on transforming the area into a more spacious zone then the first thing you need to do is have a look at the size of your cupboard. Usually, cupboards can take up more space than they need to hence leaving little to no room for other furniture. On the other hand, if you have too many items which don’t fit in your space, then that is an issue in itself. However, both the problems have one solution, which is to have shelves or racks instead of a cupboard. Cheap bookshelves which either fit on the wall or are stand-alone can be a great alternative to a giant cupboard. You can cover them with a curtain to hide all the stuff that you put in those shelves to make it seem neater.

Sleeping Area:

The sleeping area is usually a very personal space for most people. People like some sort of privacy when it comes to their bed from any visitors that come by their house. Small houses with high ceilings sometimes have a loft which can provide a private space for the inhabitant to sleep in.  However, a studio apartment doesn’t have that facility. To create a partition from that room to here, you can use blinds or curtains dividing the two places. You may fold back the blinds and the curtains to make more room when you want and cover the area when you need more privacy. If you need a more long lasting solution, then you can keep a shelf in the middle so that you can create a wall between the two areas. You may use the middle shelf as a storage area for decorations and items such as crockery or pantry items if it has cabinets.

Living Room:

Concentrate more on the area for sitting and standing comfortably rather than filling it up with furniture. Do not buy a dining table just because you have money but no space. Instead, buy a coffee table that has enough height that you can eat food easily from. Place the sofa by the wall instead of in the middle to have more moving space as well. Opt for an L-shaped couch if you have enough room; otherwise go for the standard three-seat couch. To add more seating area, use floor cushions, a relaxer or stools in order to host and seat larger groups of people. Do not buy a separate table for the TV, instead have it wall mounted as it can save a lot of space for you.


There are a lot of options for the kitchen to save space and make it look more spacious. One thing that people always do that takes up a lot of kitchen space is, put many of their kitchen appliances on the counter. This then reduces the amount of area that people have to work around. Yet it is always better to put those things in kitchen cabinets or in your other shelves and only take them out when you require them.


Bathrooms are usually the smallest in these houses and can be a problem. To save space, have a smaller tub instead of cramping everything else to fit in the bathroom. Do not keep your chest of drawer for vanity in the bathroom, just keep your bathroom accessories like shaving foam, razors, and other bathroom supplies on the shelf or in the cabinet underneath the sink in order to have more area to walk in.  To make do for a vanity area, have it in your sleeping area or lounge to make the most use of the empty walls in that section.

No matter which way you plan to decorate your home, be sure to factor in the space issue for your place. Many homes are now even being constructed with mapped laser technology. This enables homes to be constructed in a well-planned manner. Follow that suit and be precise in the amount of furniture you want and the way you want it placed before you buy it. This will not only let you spend money carefully but also make your apartment or your tiny house a lot bigger than it actually is.…